Advent is Here!

Advent is here!

Let the waiting and preparation begin in these fast weeks before Christmas.  Of course, one of the central themes and activities in Advent is waiting, and preparing, and being alert.  Interesting that a considerable part of life already includes waiting, whether or not it’s the Advent season.  We can be waiting for the test results to come in.  Waiting to graduate.  Waiting to get a driver’s license.  Waiting in line to check out at the grocery store.  Waiting at traffic lights for soooooo long.  Waiting for the anesthesia to wear off so your loved one will wake up.  Waiting till the next check comes in.  Waiting for ‘it’ — whatever that ‘it’ is.  And since we are often times so involved and caught up in waiting for ‘it’ there’s quite likely the chance we could miss it.  Afterall, hasn’t it been said many times before that “life happens when you are making other plans.” Similarly, while you are waiting for ‘it’ there’s a great likelihood that you could miss ‘it’ happening right in the middle of your “wa-’it’-ing”. That’s when we hear ourselves say something like: ’I can’t believe this time went by so fast, and I missed ‘it’ — in your Advent waiting, be sure to be fully present to this day, this moment, this opportunity, this chance to bless someone else, this precious gift of life that is yours, graced by God, to use each and every day.

See you in worship,      Pr. Rita Gardner Tweed, Lead Pastor, Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church


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